Snyders Honey, La Honda, California

Ann and Bill Snyders with their bees
Bill organizing the artificial honey bee hive
Bee pollen Propolis
close up of honey bees
Bill Snyders working hard to bring you high quality Snyders Honey
Closeup of bee propolis and artificial honey bee hive
Snyders honey spinner

At Snyders Honey, our family philosophy is to produce high quality local honey without altering its natural state.

Bill and Ann Snyders take great pride in maintaining an open space for their bees, which enjoy the nectar and pollen of a wide variety of flowers in the Bay Area’s unique and diverse Mediterranean climate.

The hives are located in the pristine Crystal Springs Reservoir south of San Francisco, home to a diversity of native wildflowers. This area contains no commercial farming, thus existing in its natural state.

Hive Location

Map showing the location of hive